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Smart Usage Tips
  • Keep your card away from strong magnetic field
  • Store it under normal room temperature and in a clean environment.
  • Use a card holder to protect your card against bending or scratching.
  • Do not flip, flap or fold the card
  • Avoid scratching the surface of the card, especially the surface of the chip.
  • Do not try to apply electricity to the chip
  • Do not put stickers (e.g. photos) on the card surface, the increase in card thickness, and the dust and residuals left on the chip surface may cause rejection of your card.
  • Do not hold your CU Link and another smart card (e.g. Octopus Card) together over the smart card reader at the same time


Service hours of CU Link Card Centre as follows:


Open On

Mon to Thu: 8:45AM to 5:30PM

Fri: 8:45AM to 5:45PM

(Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays are closed.)

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