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Terms and Conditions

The main function of the Chinese University Student/Staff ID card, commonly known as the CU Link, is for identification. The following are the rules governing the use of CU Link:

  1. CU Link are only issued to students registered at the University and staff employed by the University.
  2. CU Link is a sensitive personal proof of identity. Students/staff should take good care of their CU Link.(e.g. not for lending to third party)
  3. The CU Link is not transferable.
  4. Should students/staff lose their cards, they must report it to the University and have to pay a card replacement fee. Any loss arising from the loss of a CU Link will be the responsibility of the person who loses it and the University has no liability whatsoever.
  5. Should a CU Link that has been reported lost and subsequently found, it must be immediately returned to the University.
  6. Should any student/staff be found using a CU Link that has been reported lost, the card will be confiscated and the student/staff shall also face disciplinary action.
  7. When a student/staff leaves the University through graduation or termination of study/service, the
    CU Link must be immediately returned to the University.
  8. Upon request by the University, students/staff must return the CU Link.
  9. Each department/unit within the University has its own individual rules and guidelines in the use of the CU Link and students/staff should understand their rules and not violate them.
  10. Students/staff are required to produce their CU Link for verification of status when they are requested by a staff member of the University in the execution of duty.
  11. Upon graduation or termination of study/service the CU Link will be automatically expired as an ID card.
  12. University reserves the right to change the rules concerning the CU Link at any time without prior notice.

Opening hours

    Mon - Thu:     08:45 - 17:30, Fri: 08:45 - 17:45

    Sat:     08:45 - 12:30 (Aug - Sep only)

    Sun and Public Holidays:     Closed

** The opening hours from 2 Sep to 6 Sep 2024 will be extended: 08:45 - 19:00 **

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