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Attendance Taking System

CU Link allows a wide spectrum of administrative applications.

Attendance taking for College Assemblies

The unique college system of CUHK provides opportunities for students to broaden their vision through organizing various college assemblies. Students can register their desirable events online. Upon confirmation, the list of attendees would be transferred to the Attendance Taking System and to a special hand-held card reader. What attendees need to do is just present their CU Link on the hand-held card reader at the entrance. Once their identities are authenticated, their attendances would be taken simultaneously. Through the Attendance Taking System, thousands of attendance records for college assembly could be processed in a convenient manner.

Usage in other scenarios

Not only attendees and organizers of college assemblies could enjoy the convenience of the Attendance Taking System, instead, it is also applicable to different scenarios such as taking attendance for workshops and courses. Beyond the normal workflow, which involves a fixed list of registered attendees, there is also an option catered for walk-in cases. This provides another flexible solution of taking attendance for all participants.

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