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A system generated random number is used as the PIN for each CU Link and that number is being stored in contactless chip.

Each CU Link carries a different default PIN. To obtain the default PIN, please login the CU Link Default PIN Enquiry System ( with your Staff/Student ID and Campus-wide Email System (CWEM) password.

Location for changing CU Link PIN

Apart from CU Link Card Centre, you may change the PIN at the designated computer terminals in User Area on 1/F, Pi Chiu Building or Learning Commons on 6/F of Wu Ho Man Yuen (WMY) Building at any time.  The new PIN should contain 4 to 8 numeric digits. [MAP]

Remarks: Some door access and payment systems may require users to press the “#” sign after entering the PIN. 

Forgot your CU Link PIN?

Please visit Help Corner – Forgot / Change CU Link PIN

Opening Hours

Mon to Thu: 8:45AM to 5:30PM

Fri: 8:45AM to 5:45PM

(Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays are closed.)

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