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Latest CU Link Design for Students & Staff 

With Contactless Chip only and Mifare ID printed at back


With Contactless Chip Only


With Both Contact and Contactless Chips

The Smart University ID Card – CU Link 

CU Link is designed to be an all-in-one card for university students and staff. The introduction of smartcard chip makes CU Link a truly multi-functional smart card, an effective and convenient digital device that you carry on and off the campus. CU Link could be used to access different services and facilities at various locations, for example, the University libraries, computer laboratories, sport centres and hostels. Applications of CU Link include identity authentication and physical access control.

For more technical information please refer to Technologies Section.

Organization responsible for CU Link

The Chinese University of Hong Kong is responsible for determining the eligibility of an individual to obtain a CU Link. Information systems and access control systems making use of CU Link implemented on campus are deployed and managed by the University.

No contact chip on card face (starting from 2019)

Due to the decommissioning of the contact chip, the card face of CU Link issued on or after 2019 does not have the contact chip. Both original and new designs of CU Link card face are valid CU Link designs. No arrangement will be done to replace existing cards. For details, please click here.


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