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Introduction to Door Access Control System


Most of CUHK buildings, including those in main campus or facilities in Prince of Wales Hospital, have installed Door Access Control System. Through appropriate system settings, access restriction could be enabled at these entrances for different time periods (e.g. time of the day, date of the week) according to security requirements.


The Whitelist is a list of unique IDs of all valid CU Link cards. Specific members from the Whitelist could be selected by departments and corresponding door access right could be granted. CU Link Card Centre is responsible for updating and distributing the Whitelist, and the Whitelist is regularly distributed to department servers over the network via a secure transmission method. Thus, the ID of lost cards, cancelled cards and expired cards can effectively be excluded from the list. Holders of these invalid cards will be barred from access to all entrances that are under the control of systems which use the Whitelist. All departments using CU Link based door access systems must process the Whitelist regularly to deny unpermitted access.

For security control and to make sure sensitive data will only be processed by authorized parties, ITSC conducts regular reference tenders to select the solution provider(s) for CU Link Door Access Control System. ITSC will be unable to provide the CU Link Whitelist and related information to external parties that are not selected nor recommended by these reference tenders.

Guest Card (For Departmental Use only) 

Guest Cards are special short-term, supplementary smart cards for visitors who are not CU Link cardholders. Visitors can utilize the guest card to enter restricted areas with granted access. The validity period and access right are customizable by concerned departments/ units. For Guest Card Application (For Departmental use only), please go to Form Download.

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