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2017-18 CU Link Staff Card Replacement

Contactless chip was being used in CU Link card since 2009.  After all these years, some new contactless technologies have been introduced in the market for better functionality and security protection.  The University also replaces the aging technology in CU Link cards for enhancing the security protection of the use of CU Link cards in the University.    Starting from February 2017, CU Link Card Centre issues new CU Link cards with contactless chip of new technology and invites staff to replace their existing CU Link cards with new ones.

Target: All staff card (EXCEPT Batch ID 20150402, 20150420 and 20170418. The Batch ID can be found at the back of CU Link card as illustrated below.)

culink batchid

Card Replacement Period: March – May 2017 and Oct 2017 – Feb 2018


Method 1: Individual

Individual staff may come to the CU Link Card Centre by himself/herself

  1. [optional] Upload a new photo according to required format [here]
  2. Bring along your current CU Link card to the CU Link Card Centre during office hour
  3. [optional] Take a new photo at the CU Link Card Centre
  4. Hand in the card and get a newly printed CU Link card

Method 2: Batch

Department may organize and appoint a representative to have a batch replacement for the department staff so that only one visit to the CU Link Card Centre is needed.

  1. Representative download the batch form [links] and the excel of staff list [here]
  2. Send email to with below :
    1. subject : Application for batch replacement of Staff Card
    2. attachment : filled batch form and staff list
    3. your name and contact phone number
  3. CU Link Card Centre will call back and arrange the time*
  4. [optional] Related staff may upload a new photo [here] before the booked time
  5. On arranged day, department representative brings collected staff cards and DEPARTMENT CHOPS to the CU Link Card Centre
  6. Handing in all cards and get all newly printed cards

*Collecting old cards and distributing new card take some time, depending on number of staff. We recommend you to come not later than 17:00.

Q & A:

*Batch ID of my card is 20160401, do I need to have a card replacement?

Yes, you need to have a card replacement.

*Can I authorize someone to help me to replace the CU Link card?

Yes, you can authorize someone to collect the card on your behalf. You are requested to give your authorization in written. The authorized representative should present the following to collect the card:

  • your current CU Link card;
  • an identity card of the authorized representative;
  • a copy of your Hong Kong ID card;
  • your written authorization. (Form download [here])

* Is it a must to upload/take a new photo? 

If the photo of your current CU Link card is taken for a long time ago, we strongly suggest you to provide a new photo, either by uploading or taking a new one at CU Link Card Centre.

* Do I have to pay for the card replacement?

You will have your new card replacement for FREE as long as you bring along with your current staff card. If you do not have your current staff card, the application will be processed as lost card process and you will be charged a $130 nonrefundable replacement fee. For details please refer to [here]

* How long does it take?

Usually it takes 10~15 minutes to complete the card replacement. Of course the time may vary due to the actual requests at the moment, e.g. lost card or new card issue for other staff/students.

* When can my new staff card be used?

In general your card can be used in next working day. For library card purpose, two working days are needed.

* Is my PIN changed?

Yes, a new default PIN is set in the new card. For details, you may check [here] for more information about the PIN.

* Where is CU Link Card Centre located?

Room 804, 8/F, Wu Ho Man Yuen Building, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, N.T.

*When are the office hours of CU Link Card Centre?

Mon-Thu: 8:45 am – 5:30 pm; Fri: 8:45 am – 5:45 pm

Sat: Closed; Sunday and public holidays: Closed

* I’ve recently obtained a new CU Link Card, do I need to replace my card in this exercise?

Best way is to check the “batch ID” to determine, please refer to earlier part “target”.

* I am a student.  Do I need to replace my CU Link card?

No. Your card will be upgraded instead of replaced. More details can be found here.

Opening hours

    Mon - Thu:     08:45 - 17:30, Fri: 08:45 - 17:45

    Sat:     08:45 - 12:30 (Aug - Sep only)

    Sun and Public Holidays:     Closed

** The opening hours from 2 Sep to 6 Sep 2024 will be extended: 08:45 - 19:00 **

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