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Collection of CU Link (Student Card) for New Postgraduates 2020-21

     1.    After you receive confirmation of your registration from Graduate School Office, you may check with CU Link Card Centre by calling 3943 8507 to see if your CU Link (student card) is ready for collection.



     2.    When your card is ready for collection and if you are a local postgraduate student, you may collect your CU Link (student card) by registered post or in person. If you are a non-local postgraduate student, after arriving in Hong Kong, you may collect your CU Link (student card) by registered post (a valid Hong Kong mailing address is required) or in person.


·     Collect CU Link (student card) by registered post: please login the [CU Link Card Mailing Service] with your Student ID and OnePass (CWEM) password to make posting request. After receiving your request, CU Link Card Centre will send out your card to your Hong Kong mailing address within 7-14 days. However, due to COVID-19 pandemic, Hongkong Post may have special arrangement for postal services which may delay the mail delivery.  The actual delivery time will be subject to the service provision by Hongkong Post.


·    Collect CU Link (student card) in person: please login the [online booking system] with your Student ID and OnePass (CWEM) password. After the appointment is made, please visit CU Link Card Centre on schedule and present your identity document for CU Link (student card) collection.


3.   If you are not available to visit CU Link Card Centre in person, you have to make an appointment through the [online booking system] and authorize other person to collect the CU Link (student card) on your behalf.  You are requested to give your authorisation in writing.  The authorized representative should present the following documents: 


·         an identity card of the authorized representative;

·         a copy of the student’s identity document; and

·         the student’s written authorisation (Form Download here)


      4.    CU Link Card Centre can also arrange the CU Link (student card) on bulk basis for department’s collection upon receiving request from departments. Then, students can obtain their CU Link (student card) at their class/departments.


      Download this article (.DOC)


Note: Due to COVID-19, the University has announced the guidelines for social and non-academic events. For more information, please refer to The Chinese University of Hong Kong Referencing Guidelines for Social and Non-academic Events during COVID-19


Special service hours of CU Link Card Centre as follow:

Open on

Mon to Fri: 10:00AM to 4:00PM

Close on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays

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